Sometimes to feel, to be sentient in all its forms, seems a little too much. To trust seems at best silly at the time, and, with hindsight, downright negligent. The way one then berates, the self opprobrium one feels, can be highly toxic, pervading all nuances of the daily malaise. For malaise is the result of the tedium of rote living, the inanity of the grind, the banality of subsistence.

My dearest is rarely off the mark, compassionately correct 99% of the time. Mundanity is what we can be granted if we are good boys and girls and feed the machine. But we demand more. We strive to expand, to breathe, to experience and, most certainly,to feel.

Sentience is a painful sentence but we shan’t ever repent. After all, there is nothing else worth drawing your next breath for.



If you were to see this what would you think.  If you felt a little in the doldrums what would you think when you wandered along, through the drizzle taking your place on that rattling charabanc with the familiar but dispirited crew all of whom eschew their hopes and dreams simply to carry on the nine to five existence.  You might feel a little sad.   You might feel a little bored.  You might feel a little (as the youngsters say) blah.  You might think – oh woe is me.  You might not even think.  You might not even emote.  You might just think of yourself as being hard done by.  What would you think if you saw what we saw.  Would you be surprised, would you be happy, would you be sad?  You know what we saw?  We saw a blind person.  We saw her every day sometimes twice a day.  She didn’t see us.  She didn’t see us berate ourselves and our existences.  She didn’t see us bored by the view or by the faces around us.  She simply saw what was in her mind’s eye.  And do you know what?  Do you know what really sticks in our mind? She always had a smile for you.  She never cried, she never looked sad or downtrodden.  She always said hello although how she knew it was you I do not know.  She gave us hope.

Why Is It So

We have all heard of the man called Einstein. But would anyone, anywhere be interested in understanding why his relativity postulates actually are true. The most famous equation is so much more profound if you can truly comprehend why it is. Would anyone like to know?

Who loves your money more than you? They do

So you own a company .   You want to be seen in the best light. You want to live in the modern world.  You want to display to all and sundry that you are bona fide.  Your reputation means more to you than anything else.  Your customers and clients are your number one priority.

You write all this down.   You have a mission.  You state your mission.  You commit everything to writing.   You explain to everyone who listens exactly why you are number one and why your clients can regard you as being the only people who will look after their interests.

You have it sussed. The world now knows you and you believe they believe. (Subject to legally binding disclamers of course).

The surprise is not so much that the company have not lived up to all its promises, all its PR and all its publicity.   No. The surprise really is the staggering depths to which this company will sink to ensure the contracts that they have signed and agreed  with their clients are built on false promises.  Witness the astonishing critique of Goldman Sachs in the recent shareholder lawsuit concerning Kinder Morgan’s purchase of El Paso.   The castigation of GS is worthy of real publicity.  GS stands for nothing less than utmost integrity and likes to promulgate this view via the media.  However the El Paso case evidences a breathtaking depth of conflict of interest and ill advice.

EP instructed GS to advise them when KM expressed a desire to acquire EP. El Paso’s board became aware that GS owned a 19% stake in Kinder Morgan worth around 4 billion dollars. El Paso’s board knew this when takeover talks began.  They also knew that GS controlled two seats on Kinder Morgan’s board.  GS had every interest in the deal fairly and squarely covered.   GS were to be paid 20 million dollars for advising El Paso’s board on the advisability of accepting Kinder Morgan’s offer (21 billion dollars).   GS had every incentive to enhance its investment in Kinder Morgan and chose not to decline the instruction from El Paso despite the apparent conflict of interest in owning almost 20% of Kinder Morgan-  the company making the offer.

So how conflicted were GS in this deal.  Not enough it seems.  Their lead advisor to El Paso personally owned $340,000 of stock in Kinder Morgan. The incentive for GS to approve the KM acquisition must have been utterlyoverpowering.

Naturally GS assured El Paso that a Chinese wall would be set up but this was criticized by the court.  They are never effective anyway.

Almost as incredibly El Paso sanctioned the appointment of GS even as they became aware of the horrible conflicts of interest as they emanated.  And who loses.  Perhaps not several members of the board of El Paso who stand to make tens of millions of dollars when the sale completes. Perhaps other members of the board who intend buying assets of El Paso back from KM don’t lose either.

Perhaps only those who lose are the poor shareholders in El Paso who have had their company sold at undervalue from under them.

Why are we not surprised.


Born puts it beautifully

To measure space coordinates and instants of time, rigid measuring rods and clocks are required. On the other hand, to measure momenta and energies, devices are necessary with movable parts to absorb the impact of the test object and to indicate the size of its momentum. Paying regard to the fact that quantum mechanics is competent for dealing with the interaction of object and apparatus, it is seen that no arrangement is possible that will fulfill both requirements simultaneously..


Why the thoughtlessness of the needles dramatic? All seems to be nothing more than a teacup sized miscellany. These folk are so tiresome. Their endless moaning about nothing. Why oh why cannot they just get some perspective. I fear a fugue.

Talent of Some

There are times when ability needs to be disseminated.  For everyone to learn from


More anon.

I have little idea how to blog. Be patient little ones.